Astus Group enables advertisers to use their products or services to enhance their media budgets.

We work with over 300 clients worldwide and their agencies to deliver value through the media buying process. The process is risk free for our clients and 100% accountable.

Our expertise covers local, pan-regional and global clients, agencies and media owners to provide a transparent solution to all our business partners. We have grown organically across the globe because what we do works, which has led to us having very high levels of repeat business.

We are the Media Trading Agency of choice for most media agencies & their clients, as well as the preferred partner of most media owners in the markets we work in.

Our Locations



We allow clients to use their product or services to enhance their media spend across any media format. We do this in collaboration with our clients’ agencies to ensure they get the media they want at the price and quality they would normally expect.

Media agencies

We work in partnership with our client’s media agency to ensure that the value we can create is implemented alongside the communication strategy to enhance the overall value delivered back.

Media owners

We enable our media partners to offset some of the hard cash costs to their business and bring them clients which complement their channels.